STEINEN Oil Fired Boiler Burner Nozzle, 0.6 USgal/h, 60° Spraying angle, S type


  • The nozzle body is constructed from a specially formulated stainless steel in order to achieve long wear life and lower internal surface temperatures than low cost brass or similar high conductivity materials.
  • All nozzles contain an exclusive nickel alloy treated jacket assuring improved wear and corrosion resistance. The nickel alloy treated jacket provides a non-magnetic surface offering a smooth fuel delivery.lume.
  • 100% electronic and visual testing to ensure proper flow, angle and spray pattern.
  • Trouble free operation, even at extreme temperatures, thanks to stainless steel construction.
  • Anti-clog design stays cleaner longer even under today’s flow rate specifications and fuel oil impurities thus insuring longer nozzle life.


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