Suntec universal replacement pump set AUV 47 in a service case


Technical data:
– mounting: hub Ø 32 mm according to EN 225
– connection: Cylindrical according to ISO 228/1
– advance and return: G 1/4″
– nozzle inlet and outlet: G 1/8″
– pressure gauge connection: G 1/8″
– vacuum measurement connection: G 1/8″
– shaft: Ø 8 mm according to EN 225
– bypass plug: Used in return flow, for two-line installation.

For single-line installation to be removed with a 4 mm allen key.
– pressure range: 4-25 bar (oil), 4-12 bar (kerosene)
– pressure default setting: 9 bar at delivery


Consists of 2 Suntec pumps with conversion kit
The pump features are as follows:
– nozzle outlet right and left
– solenoid valve is closed in a de-energized state (type AL)
– metal plug in unused nozzle outlet
The AU 47 pump can replace most of AS 47 and AL 35 pumps.
95 % of all low capacity pumps can be replaced by a replacement kit which consists of two AU 47 pumps (one for each direction of rotation), a
hub/flange adapter and an AU/AE conversion kit.


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